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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  May 19, 2013 3:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> alisyn: goodning, sunday, my 19th, alisyn merota onerson is waking up a multimillionaire this rning. tare not the only ones we will show you why uncle sam is the real loery winner here. >> and the irs taed t president's political opponents but now the irs crosss.iin the why that fighar from over. >> clayton: plus nanny mayorichael bloomberg has or so so high schoolers. skip college and be a plumber. key actually be on to something? "fox & friends" hour one starts right now.
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re going r to anorning. extreme weather alert okt more tornadoe touchingown this time at the state of kansas. a looat this m twister caught on camera. initial report say at through mltiple kansas >> when storm chasers spotted this one out of the ty of r where one home w reportedly destroyed. nword of any injuries. >> rick reichmuth jong us with a look where these nasty storms are red. >> the roof blownff the hououple in absutelye yesterday's stormse were all over thes tornadoes out as west kansas to the west ofi-35. not much out t. fect place snap tornadoes like that s over h and if they went
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eighborhoods. not a lot of home and neighborhoods out the not where yill want to see it today will not exactly be the same story. we wi see theorms fireoff to the east. itt stretches into the centr parthe state. you see on the radar a lot ain. at this point.ere though we are not going to be dealing withhat for the next couple of hours. see a lot of rain and downurs. itis going to be by t time we get into the rnoon that we willee things dry out again
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storm prediction center. threat for tuesday. so are pontly dealith a four day t. for that update, i canuch rick. persos waking up a muillionaihis morning. >> one pson, won t entire jac -- well, 590 milon is what itot up t >> ye, sum. person -- won flora. which is doubly imant welecause, in flo you don'tay any state come t. that'sautifu comng out on top.ull do you the lump sum. the federal tax ra on deral vernment willthe take home. now, look, it'sill a
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lot of money. >> is it 376 million. are you sure caou live with t. 00-milliollar in the end,to the government, you get 6.9ion the w wh tafia r the lotto then c the numbers. >> rt. >> you got thehole thing. wyou won, you won. if you said the jackp was x, you go x. they d't t >> n a great endorsement. endorsemt of the mafia. ointing outhis is a crooked scheme run by the government. i know we for this. iissent. i'm not for it. if you lost, t your lifes taken. >> show you didn't pay up. thercould be a proble >> there was a traightforwardne about it what's the mesage the governm endi to you is, youare an idiot to you cd get sog to thing if your shi comes in out of pure luc you could be rich and not work again.
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>> that is a dream. >> it's not reality. every rich person. >> it is for one guy this morning inlo. that one guy. >> by the way, florida has the m winningpower b n of any other state. something is going onn rida. l, are not the fist persootice. america's most wanted used to c them. but, i mean, look, wt ke t the lottery theream. fo24 hverybody thinks whatld i do? what would i do with $600 million? i was at a barbeue last ht woman said i have got thening ticket, i'm re. i'm going to t my ent ily aro the world on kids go outol every country around the world. 's f to think about a nig morning a loser. >> i have though, i mea know i'm soundi >udgingly. >> every peon gotich
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t same waycremally. >> not overnig eah. >> except thiserson i flo. [ ghter ] >> okay. there is outlier. you look attl curve,he one on the outside o t >> let's talk about i this morning, the tearty group at the center of th tain sal as it lates to t irs are now movi frd. they say, lo, we are going to eything on the line yes, that's right. we are now go to put they are goingo filene and agai the ir becae they say he they want answers and they want this to never happen to anyo se an. >> them. not normal in fvor ofawsuit his really have is a david and golth story. hereas ever federal agency teede be olled back on its h it's the irs. hesu ith most effective way to do it, th'sod. >> read fox newss morning. outlines n jay did h ever row. o ohe people targeted nover politically enged until all the bank he started a gr rootsg.
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ganationnd he was te his fellowit t comiewnt members bute applied forax exe stat wasdenied ngs andprocess, he still raisi money a he will back -- oweth for taxon stalls. hoeopleve gone bron broke trying o t because thes targete hem ow what they wahis class action suit. >evenh is a scandalt surrounds the te house and clearly they were doing t bidding of the prent, at least indirectly. bunch ofocrats have come toeir cr n abu of powere it hard to find anyone efending the irs i foun them this morning. who are the irs defenders? gon the "new yo times" web site if can bear ook he at the this morni00% favorcmments
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f t glirs what do t say? >> covatives ed it. this is theof t irs to crush dissent bythe president's polal opponents. ou are wondngthe erica is the "new york in >> ton:hat great.ectio turned on on site not on that one. saome mom.clay i shas arst vilifion. had their com a repeate ying to tax exempt prove her worth like thuy. listen it? >> ffensive when someone asksfor every speech tt has eve been gn, i felt very of espely becauseove this country. a i'm try to do educate people. we speak about the constitution. it's not l doing ythg subvve
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angr peopl i just am flabbergast. >> now they are putti up that f. we will see if it's part of class action lawsuit or individualwsuit. >>here are awful lot o people in the same potion as becky gtson they worked hardhey w ims. >> clayton: discrimon. ed in a lawsuit.ould be was lation -- was it drimination? we don't know fully ye criteria was met.l of t we have tsee whether that falls under that law and individ cases. whether or not a class actn lawsuit could com of, this we don't know. >> syn: we invitour comments this morning. turn on the com section. >> it's on. >> alisyn: we are all on twitter. tell you t e is haing at this hour. authorities are loo intoth the elderly virginia suffered a medical
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gency before this horr accident. none die up to peop including the driver were injured. >> we got vehicle that wento the parade, hit many hikers. a wi vehicle. got multiple. >> it was unreal like nothincould be as jerry hat i w scared and std running. i was freaked out as misery. >> the man was partipating in the annual celebon of the ppalachian trai ges have not been ruled out. investigators are now looking into a broke p of rail in connection with thatconnecticut commuter trai crash. it's notlear the was there bef or because of the acci. that seion of the rail d undergoirs in thast month. 72 people were hospitalized when aain derai iday evenings and hit by passing tin bridgeport and cocticut.
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foul play een rul outthe fb rail seiceis still cancelled today and no word w it will return. two m ricinters found this time ikane, washington. invesgators say the taintedrs were postmarked tuesday andhe city's downtown post which sitight next to a it's net kfng government offis are being targeted. searching nearby homes try find who mailed these let. this mississipan was rged with sending to presi obama and two other public officials and there won'be a triple crown win this year. >> boxful gary stephens wins. >> oxpy ruined o b for thereakness. wrse led s t finish despite o15 to 1. kentucky winner was a favorite. finished 40. extent the triple cro
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ought to 36 years. >> like the florida winner 15 to 1 odds. another winner this morni proves you can can do no work and win. >> tuckehose horses work unlike your average lottplayer who are just theouy ma liquor. >> clayton: i was review timw would t president l is he failing as america's ceo? our next guest is going to audit the president. >> tucker: o.j. simpss already planning to do sothbrand new once he gets out of prison. wait until you hear what it is. [ male announcer ] need help kei your digestive balance in sync?
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>> alisyn: the administon has its plate full of sandals last week from the justice dartment's probe of the associated press to the falout over what really happ inghazi to the irs's practice of targeting conservative groups. now, critics are suggesting that presidenobama has not take enough responsibility. >> i can assure you th certainly not know anything about the ig had been leaked throughport press. >> clton: is the presidt failing as a ceo of this country.
3:17 am
congressman peter morris is i is with us this morning to answer that he has tackling someon of these ints. you make the argument that the president basically sees the constitution and coess during his tenure as road blocks. inconveniences. how so? >> well, he has established a managent style of expediency and anything goes. i mean, look at the healthcare law. he dragoned thatcongress nators passing a bill they thought would never become law. the president sets a terrible standards by his own conduct. and as a manager has has iled to put in the controls. said he didn't know. e supposeo know about major problems in his organization. if al a statement like tha about a major screw up at ford, he w be replaced. unfortunately we cannot replace president of the united stat and on the basis of his try fek tore.
3:18 am
any corpe ceo would be. >> alisyn: use model obviously the united states is much bigger tn ford motors. so, shouldn't the president delegate? isn't some of this up to the people that he has chosen like, say, eric holder? is he supposed to know about everything that's happening in every dement? but is he supposed to have control systems in place so tha major lems cometo his attention when they are so crises can be cut off. also, ie supposed to meet with his managers and ask them going on? what problems do you have? every two weeks has a meeting with nior management. they bring in bindrs and explain to them where their problem areas are when this emerged, for instance his own general counsel didn't tell him about the irs scandal? come on. or that the emergent security situation in benghazi? never even got to the level of the secretary of state? his managers take their cues from him. don't tell me i don't want to know what'sng and now we find out they play that game as well.
3:19 am
>> clayton: you think this ignorae is not bliss argument doesn't really k. these managers were given sort of free license to have as much a ton my as they wan is that what you are say t juniormanagers at the irs who shoulden discharged, who shld be discharged, basically took cues from the president's behavior. our agenda is what matters. the checks and balances are mere inconveniences. the constitution is a relic of 18th century and we can simply ignore it it. >> alisyn: in terms of the ceo model, do you like the amount of golf the president is png? >> i don't mind the president playing golf. good ceo does not have to be top of people all the time. was he was a micromanager but he is supposed to have control in place that he knows what's going on and by his own behavior ihe osed to establish a standard of conducnd clearly when itomes to
3:20 am
the presi's behavior, and his management. has simply demonstrated he is not a competent ceo. some corporations like ge has widespread management problems as does the prdent of the united states. hose nalings are not without merit. >> alisyn: peter mo is i, thanks so much. niceee >> take care. >> coming up on the show, that time of year, prom season and already the prom posals. >> then it's back. >> you stay classy. >>isyn: t look of the much anticipated sequel anchorman 2. >> i got a new cologne it's called venom. it's pretty much 100% snake >> happy easter. bonus check?
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>> clayton: welcome back. quick headlines for you. california sun bathers, be careful where you park. you might get burned. the stte is close to aing parking fees. people have alwaysen able to pull overnd hit the sd for free. city of boston and plice department will conduct t separate inigations into the marathon bombing's response. the police commissioner there says thoal is to learn from the experience and prepare for the future. three people of course died in that attack. tucker? >> thank you, clayton. lawmakers are working to get to the bottom of the irs scandal. our next guest knows firsthand what it is like to be targeted. he says his own conservative organization was given the run around
3:25 am
or quite a while by the agency until he made a very distinctive change. conservative activist with us from dallas this morning to explain. drew, thank you for jning us. this is amazing story. to sum up, my understanding is you put application for group called media trackers conservative group and irs knew was conservative and they gave you the run around. >> that's correct, tucker. in fact, we had applied for nonprofit status fo media trac in july of 20 the whole idea behind media trackers is we are investigative nonpartisan rch outfit go. in and call balls and strikes on both sides of the aisle. afterear of going through this process we were proactive. we went to the irs and said hou have had our application for 8 months. we have heard nothing from you. any questions you need answered? oddly egh our application went through the cincinnati office. our case agent is stephan appeared in the news conference rogue cia agents.
3:26 am
we weitting about a ar and a half. you know media trackers is probably never going to receive nonprofit status even though we operate as nonpartisan outfit. what we did was have the opportunity to take over nonpr called eenhouse solutions termination period wh every nonprofit goes through: you can apply for permanent status. we made the decision to go back with the irs with green house and said we would like apply for permanent status with greenhouse solutions. i told my team at that time sean davis, how know. i bet with you a name like greenhouse solutions we will get a quickese from this irsffice. within three weeks. greenhouse solutions received permt nonprofit status. i will say two things. greenhouse tions had been a nonprofit. it hadeceived c 3 status t with a name like greenhouse solions i told sean, look, somebody is goingo look at this, a case agent greenho solutions they are not conservative and theyill
3:27 am
rubber stamp us. we rolled media trackers intoenho solutions and made it a project of. greenhouse still exists but a subsidiary of greeouse solutions. >> that's unbelievable. why didn't you go with rack obama is or that's so good. it's fascinating. we have h some friends actually bring that it was one of those things where it had actually been the name greenhouse solutions for three or four years. it was not anything that we just decided to chanthe name at the last minute. i just was aware of fact that greenhouse solutions is not exact lay conservative name. >> no, it's not. he i'm laughing at the perver of it all. this is your fede government that you and i and alle rest of us pay for. the idea that they would be discriminating on that basis. that theyld be trying to crush disse is outrageous. did you complain about this toe? you basically had evidence there was bias going on. did you tell any
3:28 am
>> not only did know that there was evidence of bias but yes, we continued to go back to the irs and say w the holdup? you know, in the procs o going back to the irs and become even more of a sto we have gone back and started looking at our googleytics on the media tracker sites we're beginning to find some interesting thingt just the irs visiting our sites. actually unique visitors around the time when we w still under ew. media trackers under review from exece office of the is president. i will tell you what, to ha the government potentially at allvels looking over the shoulder of various conservative outfits and stymieing them and attempting to block them and attemptin to quiet them i think is disconcerting. >> tucker: escially in the middle of a presidential campaign. you seemed to have outsmarted the irs. great to he so you this morning. >> i appreate that
3:29 am
tu. >> tucker: more on that extreme weather weather alert. where is the extreme weather coming next? maybe to your town. not sod at high school? become a plumber. that's the lest advice for thew york mayor michael bloomberg actually for the first time ever does he have a point? more on that coming up. man: i know the name esse eight princesses. i'm on expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for, because i'm raising two girls on my own. a worry about the economy but it's for them, who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. ready to plan for your future?
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i just feel brighter, fresher, cleaner. wow, we are back with an ext weather alert. you heard whipping bands from nornd kansas. four twisters were spotted in multi kansas counties. one home destroyed outside of the of rozel no injuries report. not out of the woods just yet. rick reichmuth joining us moving.ere these storms are you say more could be on the way sir? >> another day today. tomorrow will be real significant and into tuesday also. esday more of a wind event than tornado event. the stor blew u yesterday afternoon across areas of western texas. all to thest of i-35. and then overnight those turnedinto more rai and wind events. not tornadic. today we will see that same kind of thing ha. we'll call it a dry line.
3:34 am
it's where the drier air from the the southwest meets the moist air that's coming in off of the gulf. those two areas is where you start to see it. it will form on the western phery he the bulls eye is goito be right along i-35 where the storms are to develop. then they will move off wards the east. so, that red area you see the is a moderate risk for severe weather from around oklahoma city just to the south of itd u to kind of that border of where missouri and iowa and kansas all meet certainly kansasity. of very open farmland.lot you get those kinf tornadoes. but there isn't really that much in the way of population the. towns.nly a few small some bigger cities as you move farther into the eastern areas of kansas. a little more concern today. attorney there is also a moderate risk is red bulls eye in around oklahoma city. includesplin and just to the east of kan city, missoi going up to i-70
3:35 am
there. anywhere in the yellow all e way up into places like chicag and madison and green bay and minneapolis under the at for monday. tuesday, i think we are going toe talking about ind e instead ofht line tornadoes because still seeing isolated too in the though. 's from san antonino all the way up towards green bay. a big system, gys that is going to contin to effect us. we certainly this afternoon and tonight e some more tornadoes across eastern oklahoma and kansas. guys? >> alisyn: scary stuff. thanks so much for the update, rick. here is topic that we have been talking about for months on this program. and now new york city mayor michael bloomberg has picked up on this thread. is it still the american dream, in this day and age, with this economy for all kids to shoot for going to college? or is it time for some kids to say, you kn what? i may not have aptitude for college. i should take up a trade and i would make lot more moneactually doin that? >> well, it's as been
3:36 am
the case. i never should have gone to college, for example. there is no reason why an year-old child shn't, if he knows what he wants to do o even if heoesn'tinto some sort of apprenticeship program there are people duating with degrees in subjects that nobody wants. clayton: or they a never going to use. >> tucker: massimouts of debt. >> clayton: there because they think their parents wd them there lost and not really sure. if they waited a few years. maybe they should have waited a few years and gone. mayor michael bloomberg put this forward that maybe they shouldn't go at all and go into a trade lke plumbing. take a listen. >> people who are going to have the biggest problem are college graduates who aren't rocket scientists, if you will. not at the top of their class. to harvard college.o going ing a plumber actually for the average person probably would be a better deal because you don't spend four years spending 40, $50,000 tuon and no income. >> and actually did some
3:37 am
digging on some of the median income for an ent level plumber. so level one plumber. >> alisyn: what did you get? edian income is about $48,000. >> alisyn: right. >> without all t crippling debt. this is fascinating. during the recession you couldn't outsource plumbers and construction workers you are always going to need plumbing. you can't go to china to get t stuff for new your house. plol plowmers. landscapers. >> tucker: y are totally right. in some sense we have outsourced it. look at your average construction c how many men who hang drywall or roofe were worn in this country relatively few. there is a sense that those jobs are beneath america. truly impressive person will go and get some pointless degree. i never take advice from bloomberg is he a blow hard and bad mayor. he knows a lot about making money and right in t case. >> alisyn: you know he your parents wanted to you go to college. it's not just that that is
3:38 am
the conventional wisdom. you must to college to succeed to get ahead. it's hard to buff convention. if we start talking about it and ifparents sta saying to their kids, there is no shame in making 48,000 starting salary. >> tucker: starting by the y. >> alisyn: as electrician you can make a the lo of m. construction you can can make a the love money. plumbing. we need talk about that. >> tucker: having a dignified job, of course. >> clayton: let me say this with small business owners like this. plumbers and construction workers or eltricians you call them to get a job they don't return your call because they haveoice mail service they don't check for four days. if they had simple skills like that they could take turn into 150,000 dollars a year that woul be a better use of that resource. maybe taking small business classes in the city. >> meanwhile, it's prom season and you probably. >> tucker: your favorite time of the year have you been asked again in. >> alisyn: i make it a point to go every year. something new since my day
3:39 am
of going toe prom. these are prom posals. internet.l over the they are extravagant. take a look at some of the promposals. >> the are embarrassing. ♪ we might notomo ♪ >> as well. >> you need a flash mob now to ask someone t the prom. >> see? look at this. this is all to ask one person to the. >> that's in the middle that's how tucker asks. looks like you in the e. >> i know, it does. >> that's brilliant a flash mob pops up to ask a girl. versions creating videos and putting them the locker. >> see the guys in the top right quadrant they peld out prom a pep rally. as a girl, are you just embarrassed >> no. you pretend to be
3:40 am
embaset you l it. i have to say i expected to be turned off by. this i kind of like it. it's creative. i bet you it's totally effective. >> clayton: i bet you are right. i was so embarrassed to ask a girl to the prom put all these ping-pong balls labeled will you go to the prom with me in her locker. that's very funn recording the video i asked the girl to the under the cover of darkness. i didn't want to be publicly hue humiliated rejection of me. >> how did the rejection go? >> i went over to herse with rosese saidshe already was going with somebody else. >> filled her locker with ping-pong balls you wod have gottenucky. >> that is so sad, ayton. my h isreaking for the clayton bow tie and pocket protecter. >> i was so nervous walking over there. shut up. and rang the doorbell and she came to the door and i'm there with the roses. would you like to go t the prom with me?
3:41 am
>> alisyn: oh no. >> clayton: i would like to but i'm already going with chuck. >> tu sat on her dog on thouch and killed the dog. >> alisyhat? >> tucker: true story. wrecked the night. >> alisyn: ruinehe night? ruined hhildhood. enage girls. >> then they got married. >> tucker: yeah they did. > alisyn: these are sad stories and those happy ones. >> tucker: city of detroit on the brink of bankrupt spending tens of thousands of dollars to send public officials to hi. >> alisyn: speaking of flashs, mostly for fun now one mayor says he wants them banned. why? why would you banthem? >> tucker: because he ha ee? >> alisyn: does he hate joy? ♪ lonely world anywhereht train going
3:42 am
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>> alisyn: 45 minutes past the hour. e for quick headlines. illinois now has tougher penalties for people who organize violent flash mobs. just like the ones that you see here that are involved in burglaries. governor pat quinn signed a new law doubling the maximum prison term to six years. ever wonder what went through j.k. rawlings mind when sheote the first harry potter novel. bid on the first.
3:46 am
let's go over to the guys. >> thank you, alisyn. with their city on the very brink of bankruptcy. trustees of two detroit public pension funds are at anean front conference in hawaii. guess who is pick up the >> you guessed it, the taxpayers. how could this happen? mark ash is ceo which public. he has also advised the city of detroit. your advisement they probably didn't listen to you all that well. >> well, we made some progress last year, guys. t as you can see, the city is now under the control of an emergency manager and theyave just got to be besid themselves in the city of etroit today. the mayor has spent three get people to recognize that they have got to make changes and now you get these pension trustees jetting off.
3:47 am
>> city is probably the most mismanaged place in the united states. everybody knows it you would think the optics of this are so bad t somebody would say you know what guys we are going to go grand rapids instead. we can't go to hawaii. wouldn't anybody say that. >> you have to question the conference together themselves because why would you do it there? hold it some place that makes a wholetre sense. branson would be fine to hold a conference. go there instead. all these public trustees coming together. you really have to question the folks in detroit. don't hang your hat on s policy that it's okay. show a little judgment. and when you have a short fall in your fund of $600 million for retirees' pensions, you simply can't lieutting off to some
3:48 am
outline in hawaii it's unacceptable. >> sitting budget stopping some problems with oversight here? >> well,t does do that. i think it also connects to a culture. i will tie this bto the story you were doing earlier on the irsssue. for themissioner of the irs to sit in front of congress, aay we provided poor customer service and then hand out $92 million in boes is just unexplainable. and the same thing here in detroit. yo can't have $15 billion in debt and go sending people to hawaii. it just becomes a question of judgment at some point. that's what we work with public organizations to do is make sure they provide a public sector service but do it with a private sector mind set there ain't a private company in country send people to hawaii when
3:49 am
they're losing money. >> mark, that is wise advice. good luck getting them to accept it in the city of detroit. men are getting slappedy with asuit one principle tho good deed goes unpunished. one of these do goods joins us next. lay clay soldier surprise like you have never seen before. what woman did for her husband while he was away. we'll be right back. [ crowd ch] [ male announcer ] for sensitive skin, there's fusion proglide. our micro thin blades are thinner than a surgeon's scalpel for our gelest shave. switch to fusion proglide. gillte. the best a man can get. [ light flilicking ] [ male announcer ] you've reached t age where giving up isn't who you are. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way?
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[growl] thing action. we used to live with a bear. we'd always have to go everywhere with it. get in the front. we drive. it was so embarrasing that we just wanted to say, well, go away. shoo bear. but we can't really tell bears what to do. moooooommmmmm!!! then one day, it was just gone. mom! [announcer] you are how you sleep. tempur-pedic.
3:52 am
>> alisyn: modern day group compared to robin hood and group of merry m. they pay it forward by feeding parking meters for strangers. some are calling this a good deed. but the city of keen new
3:53 am
hampshire doesn't think so. a member of the group called free keen. they are behind the meter feeding. they are nowing sued by the city. james, thanks for b >> oh, thank you. it's great to be on. >> alisyn: great to talk to you. so you feed the exp meters of strangers. why do you do that? >> well, you know, it is a very nicething to do and me personally, i don't feel that parking your vehie should be a crime. i dn't think it harms yone to -- and ican kind of understand enforcing arking during peak hours. outrageous writing tickets and so many e spots available i don't agree with these policies. to me actions speak louder than words. instead of going to ty council meetings which i have done and speak to them to meould rather go out on the streets and feed the meters. >> alisyn: i want to show the viewers huch you have saved drivers.
3:54 am
you say that you have plugg in money, $5 per ticket to 4,000 vehicles d you have saved drivers $20,000 total. >> yeah. that's a very conservative estimate. it may, in fact, be a little higher than that difficultell. i would say crvaty 4,000 is a very good number. city doesn't like what you are doing. how can they call it a crime? they don't call it crime. if you read the lawsuit nothing illegal. that's why they called civil case against us in addition to w you are doing in terms of feeding the meters, they also tell u you have at times harassed the meter maids, that you havented them. you have told them why don't you get aferent job. ve you even otaped them. does that crohe line?
3:55 am
>> i don't believe that myself personally i don't feel thave done any those things, i have videotaped them, i have talked to them. ut tre is a criminal charge for harassment. and i strongly disagree that we have harassed anyone. i think this case is complete unfounded. the reason we take video is our protection so that we h an objective recor of what transpired. it's not about the g enforcers. it's about the tickets that they are issuing. >> here is what the city manager had to say in a statement the city does not have an objection to plugging meters. this is not about money. this is more abo safety and also a contractual relationship with our employees there is a lo of assing behavior as well. they say they want youto stay 50 now away from their r maids. you can do that? >> i mean, i'm willing to give peo personal space. however, if i come up to crosswalk ormething, ter made or the parking enforcement ofcer as they call them may approach me and be in my personal
3:56 am
space. i don't want to be on top people but i only want to save vehicles that would have been ticketed. that's why i don't walk around randomly downtown feeding parking mea iy want to feed meters that the meter person would have walked by thus ticketed. >> alisyn: james cleveland, we know that drivers sure apprec you plugging their meters and we will see what hpens with the city of keen, new hamps, nk you so much for coming in. >> clayton: tornadoes teang through the midwest and there could be more to come. where the severe weather is heading. our own rick reichmuth. reason millennials can't get. wait until you hear the average amount they owe in student loans. i'm so glad you called. thank you.
3:57 am
we're not in london, are we?
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4:00 am
>> good morn everyone. today is sunday, may 19th. i'm alisyn camerota. thank you for joining pictures to show you of extreme weath storms packing winds of up to 200 miles per hour. we will have the latest on where these storms are head next. >> then, if you thought it was just the irsrgeting the president's political enemies, wait until you hear from one woman who says the fbi tracked her down. a horrifyinry up. >> and a soldie surprise like if you never seen before. this woman welcomed husband home from combat. 150 pounds lighter. he almost didn't recognize her. "fox & friends" hour two startright now. ♪ extreme weather alert.h an
4:01 am
unbelievable video surfacing this morning. looks like the surface of mars. >> it does. >> this was kansas. initial reports say four tornadoes tore through multiple kansas counties. storm chasers spotted this one outside the city of rozel. roofs and homes. >> those storm tornadoes are really beautiful especially when they're out in the middle of nowhere and a field and doesn't do any real siicant damage. a lot of duseing blown around with theusts that come off the storms. that's why it had the mars look that you were talking about there clayton. incredible pictures. dozens otorm chasers go out. when it is so sparsely populated outstanding thing take a look it radio here. these the storms that we saw develop yesterday. turning into some of the rain spreading in ac areas of minnesota into n.
4:02 am
throughout ch of iowa. we will see these fire again later on this afternoon. this time it's going to be different. right along i-35 around 4:00 this afternoon. around the oklahoma city area. wichita and then they wi move off toward the east from there 7:00, 8:00 tonight making their way in towards the ka city area. go into the overnight again dealing with the rain and wind from it. then we will start this entire thing allver agai tomorrow. we actually have three more days of it. i think the worse of this is going to be today and tomorrow that we'll probably see more tornadoes than we saw yesterday. so a couple of tornadoes the panhandle of nebraska yesterday as well. more activity, guys, going today. the bad news is we are headingtowards more big city. kansas, wichita and. >> $590 million. ne person one the entire jackpot last night. if you bought your ticket in fida, wake up. get out of bed and check
4:03 am
your numbers this morning. >> clayton: do you think the person know this hour? oftees t don't know for a day or two. i think if you are playing his power ball. you are probably locked in. just being quiet. taking the advice of our guest yesterday. wait, don't come out publicly for a few days. accountant on the line. your l is if to change. relativesemember? i'm cousin bernie. do you have some money for me? about to pay the federal government hundreds of s of dollars. $600 million massive the jackpot. that's not what this in fact, uncle sam takes a massive, massive cut. the lump sum payment is $.000000. theed tax this $149.3 million. that's what the president describes paying your fair sha that leaves the total nings, $376.9 million. you know, they really -- if this was any other business. if this wasn't the
4:04 am
government running, this if this was a prate enterprise running the lotto, they would be required by law to tell you upfront you are not winning $600 million, you are winning 376.9 million. truth in advertise would go require that the federal government doesn't have to abide by it. >> alisyn: luckily that person lives in florida because they don't have any tax on the lottery winnings, in otrds no state tax or city tax. whereas in new york city if you won in new york city you would be giving huge like 14% ofr final lump sum after the federal tax would be going to city and state taxes. you richer in florida than you would be i lots of other states. >> clayton: couple other states too no state inme tax. email us this morning if you were the winner. we would love to talk. why can't private enterprise compete with government in the lotto space as they say? it's illegal for you and me to start a lot he toe. we just pay you what we said we are going to pay you much the government stunt want the competition
4:05 am
because they are the only one the gambling business. alisyn: that's gambling. >> tucker: i know i'm scroodged. undermines the value of work. rich for a day. >> alisyn: it is true for that po >> tucker: congratulations to that person but you a unique. >> alisyn: let's talk about the irs scandal this past week. the question, of course, is who issued the be on the lookout for any name on any document that had to do with patriot o party. and how far up does this go? >> furthermore. ting some of the ones that haveprogressive in the title or getting through democrati groups trying to get tax exempt status and how quickly those were able to get pushed through this entire process. look, peter morrisey is an economist he basically said
4:06 am
as a ceo, the president would be a failure, take a listen to him. >> supposed to have control systems in place so that major problems come to his attention when they are emerging, so crises can be cut off. also, spezzed to meet with magers and ask him what is going on. what problems do you have? every week, every two weeks, has a meeting with senior management. they bring this binders and explain to him where their problem areas are. when this emerged, for example, his own general counsel didn't t him about the irs scandal? come on. or that the emergent security situation in benghazi, neveren got to of state. of the secretary his managers take their cues from him. >> tucker: this scandal is growing. turns out it wasn't just the irs who wasarassing the president's political enemies. various other arms of government. one woman we intriewd visited 17 times by various government agencies. this is catherine, she was
4:07 am
audited and visited by the bi. she was on huckabee last night. take a en. >> we filed a nonprofit and since then, we haf 2010 been visited by 17 different instances of government agency involvement. and have been put thh a mill that i never managed possible. the scope of all we have been through has probably come in to the range of hundreds of thousands of dollars. but what is incalculable ae lost opportunity costs. because as a practical matter, if you don't have a nonprofit status that allows you to apply for grants, that allows foundations to work with you, it has a veryiting effect on your capacity to do what you want to do. so it's been a struggle. >> alisyn: i bet. we have heard from lots of people now on our show and elsewhere on the channel about how what it felt like to be targeted. it meant tha you -- they asked to you turn over your emails. they asked to you turn over your donor lists.
4:08 am
they did -- they brought down all sorts of scrutiny on you that they were not doing on other groups. in fact,ucker as i think you just did in an interview if you had a liberal founding name you were fast tracked. >>ker: how far up did this go? did the ord order this. direct coordination. i think we can fairly prct. kim central strassel from the "wall street journal." here is part of what she says all he needed to do is do exactly what he did inll ye. publicly suggest that conservative political groups were engaged in nefarious. publicly call out those who he would like to see harassed and call pressure for take action. did he all these thee things. that's the smoking gun there. it didn't have to be director overt. it's a culture in the te house in this administration that says we
4:09 am
have enemies. >> not only that. you had members ever the democratic senators say point blank saying sign a letter. ase targ the tea party and the irs did. in plain sight. she is arguing here and i think she has a point. >> alisyn: let us know what you think please. authors areooking into weather the elderly man who plowed car into ade in virginia suffered some sort of medical emergency before the crash. thankfully no one died in this. up to 60 people, including the driver were inred. e got a vehicle that went through the parade and hit many hikers >> it was unreal like i was scared and started running i was freaked out it was misery. >> alisyn: participating in the annual celebof
4:10 am
the appalachian trail. the crash is ent under investigation. charges have notbeen ruled out and a broken piece of rail now being lok at in connection with that connecticut commuter train cash. officials say it's not clear if the break was there before or happened because of the accident. that section had undergone gone repairs. 72 people were hospitalized and hit by passi train between bridgeport and fairfield connecticut. foul play has been ruled out. rail service is still cancelled today and no word when it will return. police investigating the madeleine mccann case are trying to trace six british cleaners working in portugal when she cleared. she was 3 years old when she disappeared from apartment complex in 2007. policeecame aware of the men who are said to have used a white man after poring through evidence during the original portuguese investigation.
4:11 am
army wife missy shaffer had a fewcks in store for her husband when he returned from afghanistan last week. first of all she lost 150 pounds while he was deployed. he can whi out the amazing before and after photos. he says he can't believe his wife's new figure. >> wow. ing on the cake. i have be happy with the way she looked since day one. something she wanted to it do. >> that's right thing t say by the way. >> he is he good husban the other big surprise, mis bought that new home for the couple and their >> wow.r. >> she has been busy. he says he can't wait to ove. >> comes home a new wife, a new home. >> she is so cute. that istally cool. >> to lose 150 pounds, the amount of will power that that takes. >> we are leaving out the essence of the storyow did she do tha that's a segment clay kay we will get her on the show and find out. coming up here on the current show you are watching. lawmakers expressing
4:12 am
outrage overthe irs scandal targeting conservatives. >> absolutelyerre and outrage for all america. i yield back. mike kelly getting fired up at friday's house hearing. got a lot of applause for that did they get any answe we are going to ask him next. he is here. plus. >> hey, fat face, you. you stay classy. [ laughter ] >> always got your look at the much anticipated sequel, anchorman 2 coming up. >> i got a new logne called venom. pretty much 100% snake venom. >> happy easter. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. visit your dealer or to see the new signature series and 1 family tractors. >> one lawmaker getting fired up at the house hearing on the irs scandal after feeling stonewalled by th agency's outgoing commissioner. >> i don't know that i have got any answers from you today. >> the fact that you all can do just about anything you want anybody, you know, you can p anybody out ofbusiness that you want any time you want. this is absolutely an overreach and this is i yield back.merica. >> all ri [cheers and applause] >> mr. griffin is recognized for five minutes. >> pennsylvania congressman mike kelly joins us live from pittsburgh this morning from the c alma matter. nice to see you this morning, congressman. welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me on. before we start i want to make one point.
4:17 am
getting up today going to be going to church. going to worship. think about that bible. the code by which we live, the word of god. it is dwarfed by the by which we are taxed. something wrong in this country when we have given this much power to these w people to run our lives the way they are running our lives. absolute outrage. thanks for doing what you are doing. get the amean people the time to do tax refor you promised it. don't ask for it demand it. >> some of the things you are asking for at that hearing we heard your fire there you said you didn't accept like you were getting any answers. at the end of the day, did you get any answers? will anyone be held accountable, lose their jobs and/or be prosecuted? >> no. because this isn't the private or. member, this is government. ey get redeployed. mr.iller retires in three weeks anyway. early retirement. full retirement. he will get everything the government promises everything no mat how poorly they run the organization. get fully compensated and
4:18 am
don't lose their pension. get redepl. the people who own the business, the measure people need to start demanding that they get better results and better service. >> alisyn: there was one question and answer fr steve miller that was parularly stunning that wath when one of the lawmakers do you t irs targeting covatives was illegal? no, i don't think it was. how does the law read? do you thik itas illegal, cressma >> that wasrice and our colleagues from florida. outstanng person. listen, come on. you can't look at what they are too long and say you know what? there is two sets of rules in america. you people that paid the taxes, you hard working americans that do all that work, you are held to a different code of ethics and set of laws than we are as the government to. me that is entirely illegal. really an overreach into our first amendment rights. who are these folks? who giv them the power to do what they're doing look into their private lives? how much money do you have in your wallet? e yard sign. when you pray, what'se
4:19 am
cnt of your prayer? this is a tax question? i don't think so. this is intimidation. >> speeches that you aring if to be giving. he wield like to seat sounds like something out. of the soviet union. i have to ask you, congressman, there is more outrange this morning over sarah hall ingram. she wassked with overseeing one of these departments from 2009 to 2012. we learned now that she has been promoted and she is now going to be overseeing obama care as it relates to conservative groups are outrag. how can a person who was targeting conservatives be in charge of obama care? what do you say to in this morning? >> i will say what iay. i'm telling the aman eople right now. wake up. light up the phones. the switch boards he white house. your congressional representatives. your senate representatives. demand that they look into this. listen, you n't vote incompetence my goodness, affordable care act the access that they are going to he to ivate information. oh good lord. we have seen enough of this. this has been a movie that's played way too long.
4:20 am
it's time for us to command as american people have a right to do. this is a government of the people, by the people for the people demand, folks, that get the kind of government that the founders promised us. it's up to it us individual citizens to demand it of the people we pay represent us to do the job. u don't promote people for doing a bad job. you don't promote people for incompetent. agency where the actingan chairman says we dousy job. we give cmufer service. my go we he failed so y ways we're sor you sit on the other side ofthe desk from these ks when you try saying i'm sorry. i didn't understand. didn't keep the right records. that doesn't work. you need to be held accountable. we need to do the same thing with our government. >> alis: congressman mike kelly. thanks for joining us thi morning. >> father of seal team six member killed. commanding answers this morning from the white house. >> i grabbed mr. president by the shous, and i
4:21 am
said i don't need to know about my son. i need to know what happened, mr. president. >> michael strahan's father is here next to tell us why he is suing the administration for more information. more "fox & friends" when we come back.[ ma she got a parking ticket... ♪ and she forgot to pay her credit card bill on time. good thing she's got the citi simplicity card. it doesn't charge late fees or a penalty rate. ever. as in never ever. now about that parking ticket. [ grunting ] [ male announcer ] the citi simplicity card is the only card that never has late fees, a penalty rate, or an annual fee, ever. go to to apply. ... you thought wrong. get up to 50% off hotels this memorial day with travelocity.
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4:24 am
>> family members of the navy seals killed in the august 11th 2000 downing of afghanistan. are grieving and they're demanding answers. president obama comes up to me. he says mr. strange. he grabbed me by the shoulders he said michael changedhe way america lives. i grabbed mr. president by the shoulders and i said "i don't need to know about my i need to know what happened, mr. with president."
4:25 am
>> charles strange the father of michael strange killed in 2012 mission joins us now. thank you for joining us. a lot of viewers may be confused to learn that you still don't really know the full circumstances surrounding your son's death in afghanistan. why is that? >> reason for that is with the investigation report in october, with general colt, this what they gave us. is the report they gave us. the is no ink. ere is no attorney in the paper. there is so many unanswered questions about this. >> that's what they gave you? that is so insulting i hard to believe that. >> that a disgrace. my son just got killed. and during the question and answers general colt, they gave us this and a disk. you put the disk in and you can't read that eith
4:26 am
it's whited out. couple sentences whited out. when you print it out which i think they thought nobody would think about printing it out. it all came out. all kinds of questions and facts. they told us thelicopter got shot with r.p.g. that it hit the rotary, it spun it, blew u and then it blew upin. then when it hit the ground, it blew up the third time. exactrds. does this helicopter look like it got blown up three times? i asked professionals here in philadelphia, firearm, 30rs, you can still see theting on the helicopter does this look like a massive burn? that it dunder to death. everything went up for hours? there is so many unanswered questions. >> tucker: mr. strange, you make the point that your son served with seal team 6 a group whose very
4:27 am
existence was classified. yet the obama administration publicized the fact that seal team 6 was involved in the killing of usama bin laden. you believe that publicity may have put your son's life at risk; is tt correct? >> absolutely. absolutely. our vice president joe biden down at the ritz carlton in delaware, he fouut that it was elite navy seal team. he unces it all over the world, all over the nation. people from russia called me up, my friend goes out -- his mom knew, yo did you hear they killed seal team 6? all over. he publicized and put a tag on these guys. nobody ever heard of seal team 6 before that right? after bin laden. seal team 6 a november, a book. documentary. disneorld wanted to buy seal team6. logos. >> tucker: very quickly. why do you think the obama
4:28 am
administration publicized the fact that seal team 6 wasponsible for the killing of bin laden? >> that, we ha questions. that's why we areursuing through lawyer the legactions that were taken we also have a lot of backing from stan up >> so many unanswered quess. >> you deserve them ando many other m that were killed in the line of duty. thank you very much, mr. strange. we grieve for your son. i'm sorry. thanks. >> thank you so much for your support. >> welore on that extreme bleark weather alert, and facebook's controversial leader has a new inspirational message for women. cry your eyes out at work. good call or no? that's up for debate coming up.
4:29 am
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4:33 am
what's going on. his is the stor now turning into rn aparts of eastern kansas. look at those storms that fired and started across western kansas and oklahoma terday. it's that beginninine en those storms are individual cells th that's where you generally will see some ado activity. 's take aook at this. this is the first alert fort radar. this is where what the radar will look like, w think itll look like. a model depiction as we go through the aften. right around 3:00 p.m. today, you see thosehree littlells beginning to pop around oklahoma city. that's going to be the beginning of the event and t along i-35. did to around 6:00 tonight
4:34 am
and we are going to see all of those individual cells that yo see there from just to west ofsas city down to the east of a city. that's where we are going to be seeing i think those tornadoes and by around 7:00 tonight, they wll be cutting around kansas city and in towards joplin, missouri. turns into heavy rain. ind eve by the time we get to 6:00 in the morning. this is the bulls eye today. yellow we have a chance for sev weather. could see tornadoes anywhere in that yellow. but the best threat of that is where you see this red. from aroundeska, iowa, missouri border all the way down towards just south of oklahoma city. especially along i-35. that's today, guys. we will talk more about what's coming uover the next couple days because the severe threat is going to be withus until tuesday. >> ank you, rick. all right, ladies, do you ever cry at work? actually, men do. okay? have you ever cried -- sometimes men cany at work. cheryl dberg, the author of lean.
4:35 am
in book that so ma women are talking about. she is the facebook chief operating officer. he says in her book that it's okay to cry at work because you're expressing s. emotions are okay at wk, she says. i disagree. >> she doesn't say this in the book. she says this in an interview. following the book. and if i'm wrong about that. >> read it. >> mint. she says this in an interview in an interview with india's mint newspaper. she said, i cry at work. i think all of us are emotional beings and it's okay for us to share that emotion at work. i'm not recommending that anybody wants to get promoted and then go and cry. what i'm recommending as we think about being good colleagues and good co-workers and employers. we ask people how do you feel? not just how you think because so many of our decisions are base on how we feel. i think emotions,if you wear your emotions on your sleeve like some of us do. i have cried here on the
4:36 am
show. >> tucker: that's no true. >> clayton: i have. >> tucker: sure. under extreme duress. >> alisyn: it's okay to get misty. > tucker: she offers up two caveats. not crying calculated way not like crying new hampshire primary. men who cry at work a lot have some kind of emotional condition. some kind of psychiatric condition. >> alisyn: here is looking ou, cln. women cry. i have worked around women my whole life i have three daughters. i am on her side. >> alisyn: i'm not. because, interestingly, i think it's always awkward to see your coworker cry. i'm not saying it doesn't happen. not saying i haven't done it i'm sayi it's uncomfortable. when your coworker is sobbing because -- like, again, appropriate 50y ms. and emotional, fine, but a sobbing, waterworks of a coworker about a work related instance is always
4:37 am
uncomfortable. >> maybe a gender thing because it doesn't bother me. >> alisyn: it doesn't? >> no it doesn't. i think it's the way women express themselves. it doe bother me. i don't think it's threatening at all. i think it's totally normal. >> interes argument dolls it hold you back. part of the larger argument in hs that women haven't leaned in. they have been too hesitant. wife finished the book. well written, well organized. of things she alizes mental wsay i'm going to go for that promotion. i'm going to probably go back to school and get some more stuffst before i attempt too to ask for that. >> alisyn: i d think women have held themselves back and we canise our hands more and be more assertive. in terms of the crying. i don't think anything good comes from that. >> tucker: under this pressure to pretend they are men and they are not. it's okay. >> alisyn: not because we aread. we are feeling so much emotion that it bubbles up.
4:38 am
>> tucker: sad,ppy, confused. >> alisyn: i have cried at work. it's always a litt uncomfortable when someone is sobbing at work. >> tucker: i haven't seen you cry. >> alisyn: haven't. >> clayton: i would be uncomfortable. i would have to run. >> alisyn: she has cried on the shoulder of mark zuckerberg. >> tucker: that is off. right. >> clayton: t into his hoody. >> alisyn: let us know how you feelout crying at work. find us on twitter. here are the rest of your headlines because we now know who fired that fatal shot who fired a student. 21-yeald robel low was accid shot in the police officer who was shooting at the suspect. dalton smith had robel low in a head lock. the cop fired 8 times. hitting smith seven times and robelo once. he had been wanted since april for parole violation and 15-year long sheet. remember this guy john mccalfy, the computer
4:39 am
antivirus software pioneer. you don't know about. this his name is mcafee thoug >> alisyn: go ahead. >> a builder last year. s back in the news after his home in belize burned down. mca said the fire is no accident and targeted by people trying to ki him. and he had nothing to do with lastr's murder. o.j. simpson plans to cash in if he is released from prison. reportedly already plann his new life, ing a speaking tour to earn money. simpson is waiting to see if a judge will overturn his 2008 heist conviction. that decision could come in as early as tomorrow. he is servi a 33 year sentence. and the legendary burgundy returns. >> hey, fat face, you. classy. a new trailer for the much anticipated anchor man sequel anchorman 2
4:40 am
continues. it has been released and hilarious, we're told. not gi away any hints about the plot. >> tucker: is there a plot? >> alisyn: just the cel 4 news team keeping it classy. will ferrell and crew are back in theaters december 20th. meanwhile, i saw paul rudd at the white house correspondents dinner recently. we took a pic together. his hair wang for anchorman. take a picture for anchorman. everybody here in your room in this business has an affinity for that movie. it's about our business and not parody. >> fracking is in fact safe and other studies show there is no contamination to ground water. so, should environmentalists give up cheap energy once and for all. one celebrating fr from fiction straight ahead. >> epic prtion ♪ through the little
4:41 am
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4:44 am
>>come back to "fox & friends." you may wao too. this because talk about a cringe worthy performance. listen to the star spangle banner ♪ and bright stars
4:45 am
♪hrough the perilly night. >> clayton: singer forgets the words hockey game in canada. thankfully the crowd was there to help her out. they wouldn't do that in philly. the can canadian singer eeting she wi she had more time to prepare. beyonce doesn't want you to talk about her maybeaby. she posted this message on her instagram account. quote: i c stop the rumors from starting all i can do is did it back and laugh at these low life people sit b and talk to me. it's bln been deleted. >> the obama administration has just proposed new deral laws ring acking on public lands. ther study rsed does not frac nation. nice to he sue goonchts to see, ali.
4:46 am
duke university and members of the u.s. geological rvey exad 127 inking wells that were involved with fracking. what did they find? >> as usual, they find fracking does not contaminate drinking water ery sy that's been done so far. a mill wells fracked in america has found that fracking does not i thi it's time forr. activists to put away their lawsuits. their their lucrative lawsuits nd adt that fracking does not contaminate water. >> alisyn: you talk about stories and obviy there have been ma stor famously one of them was in the "new york times" about how a community pennsylvania where fracking was popular that they saw the premature death of some family pets, of some farm animals when autopsies re done they found they had pollutants in their bloodstream. how do we exp these antidotal stories. >> they are not coted with fracking.
4:47 am
know, in fact, when the science comes in, very initial story was these are antidotes and scary ores. very lucrative profession suing an oil and gas company. pennsylvania, the ground zero of fracking this is where it all started. the e.p.a. went in not so long ago. one of the biggest testings ever. fracking need to admit that the scien doesn't pollute water. do it in arkansas, you can do it in pennsylvania. the resulre always the same. lisa jangz,he outgoing head of the epa told congress on a number of occasions it does n pollute wat it has not polluted water. >> given that do you think
4:48 am
that in sh order we will see the owe ball bama administration get behind fracking? >> that's a political decision. that's a political decision. i don't know what politicians a going to do. but based on science fracking does not harm ground water that been oven. >> your documtary is call frac nation. you know more at this than most anyone. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you very much, aly. >> alisyn: all right. spring has sg and that means you can't ignore your yard anymore. or your studio. i bee clayton is actually doing some spring cleanior shing. in the studio. he has the best gadgets to make all of our work a little easier. whatever that is. then plan on taking your pump on a trip in the
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>> aside from getting bikini ready it's time to get your yard in shape. >> alisyn: clayton has the best gadgets and bikinis to makyour yard and effective. >> clayton: i have the best bikini bobut in this
4:53 am
segment. getting your yard ready great new gadgets on the market to make your yard more beautiful spring into sur. one of the biggest frustrations is reeng up that hose. >> tucker: garden hose? >> alisyn: yeah. >> clayton: company so brilliant. the folks at robo reel, all mechanical. pull it out. and with the touch of a button you just touch the button on the top. hit the home button, when you are done with it just wheels itself right back up. >> tucker: doubles aawn ornament. very handsome. >> alisyn: if i saw that in my backyard i would think an alien landing. >> clayton: full 360-degree rotation never kinked. set timers away for a week. set it to water your lawn 20 minutes every day the same time. s a brilliant company. also created this one for your shop. out in your construction shop or just around the yard. same idea, if it ever get cuts, it automatically shuts off no po surge at your house.
4:54 am
double at that point, reel self double at at point and let-double tap. >> alisyn: even i can do it tired of mosquitoes outside a the lo. you don't like the bug zapping you. >> tucker: yesterday we were talking about this statement. is there a mosquito zapper that works? literally this morning he has top of the line mosquito snapper. >> highest reviews out there from stinger. kills up to 40% more bugs. same idea. it works up to an acre and a hlf kiing mosquitoes, bugs. flying beetles and kills insects.htclub except >> right. tuck. >> clayton: the folks have created soil moisture
4:55 am
levels temperature and light intensity of both indoor and outdoor plants works with smart phone. can you see how your plants are doing. lithium ion technology has come a long way. no more electrical cords outside cleaning up aft mowing the lawn. black and decker has 60-volt lithiattery for mower now. >> tucker: how long will that last? >> clayton: i tested the yard trimmer o you will get well over an hour. multle power selections. you don't want to go all the way up light debris. yard collision or heavy leaves wa to jack it up to 6. you get full power that lasts for a very long time. >> tucker: my measure is can it stop a cocker spaniel. >> clayton: tucker's hair. same power. 36 volts of power lithium battery rhargeable. no more cords getting caught up. >> alisyn: clean up the studio?
4:56 am
>> give it a try here. >> whoa. >> clayton: look at that technolo that's incredible. al th grea >> tucker: in danger of losing my do you it do to. >> tucker: or hair questions. alisyn: series and sandals rocking the white house. what does president obama and his need to do now to turn things around. chris wallace is here with that. >> tr:ews ale one winning ticket for winning jackpot sold in florida. live at the winning store coming up. accomplishing even little things can become major vicrieses i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. when i was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, my rheumatologist prescribed enbrel
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4:59 am
>> alisyn: good mng, one.
5:00 am
today is sunday, may 19th. i'm alisyn camerota. we start with a fox news alert for you because we have incredible extreme weather as tornadoes tear through the heartland. these storms packed winds up to 200 miles per hour. we have the latest on where thighs storms are headed next. >> tucker: you thought the irs was only tracking down the president's political enemies? think again. there is new evidence that this got very personal. a stay at home mom now dragged into the scaal yo will hear from her coming up. >> clayton: does your dog like to do this? in this summer have made unsecured animals against the law. what's the best way to keep your pets safe. breaking it down coming up. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> all right. we begin this hour with an extreme weather center for you. we have video of tornadoes touching down in kansas. you have to see this to lieve it. look at the size of that
5:01 am
there are initial reports that say at lea four tornadoes tore through multiple kansas counties. >> storm cha caught this one owfers the city of rozel. >> tucker: rick reichmuth telling us where those storms are headed thought. >> just one home. when you have those across west kansas, very rural. not a lot of population. small towns that could be hit but fortunately none of those were andhat's certainly the good news from this. today, kind of a differen scenario. you see all storms that we're dealing with a lot of ta and minnesota.s of north by the way, flooding concerns there over the next couple of days because we are going to see around 4 to 5 inches of rain from these stos. severe side further off towards the south. move forrd today t and see where where that severe threat is any chance you see yellow. tornadoes, likely more of a wind threat across areas of minnesota and maybe hail as well. this here is the bulls eye though as you zoom into
5:02 am
at. this is wherwe are going to is he the biggest threat r tornad that right there is i-3 a yesterday. most of the action was today it's going to be right along i-35 to the east. kansas city probably around 7:00 tonight and points back say from wichita down towards oklahoma city, that's going to be starting a little bit earlier around 3:00 this afternoon. by the time we get into the overnight hours, say after midnight i think we are mostly talking about rain and some strinds. that tornado threat t from around 3:00 in the afternoon to around 12:00 or 2:0 the morning to be safe. tomorrow itoves slightly oo the east and we're still dealing across theastern kansas. stretching around just east of kansas city down rough joplin and oklahoma city once again. also tuesd guys, it moves just a little farther off to the east. more wind threat that day could see a tornado or two. aner three days watching st sym. >> clayton: go down to florida this morning. waking up.
5:03 am
multimillionaire. that's where the winning power ball ticket was sold just one ticket not a group of office employees. well, we don't know. >> alisyn: we don't know. al. >> cln: could be an office pool. we don't know. somebody is wg up a whole lot rich they're morning 5 0-million-dollar power ball ticket in the state of >> tucker: yes. that is the good news. bad news is theovernment is going to take an awful lot of that money. so $590.5 million was the advertised jackpot. butthe winneran choose to take lump sum, he can take that 590 million over 30 years. or take 376.9 million. federal taxes amount to 100 million. 94 continue to 2. to for total of on the jack valued in the press at 600. >> alisyn: i agree it's disappoint see that final bottom line after all the taxes. it's good that they bought in florida because
5:04 am
floda doesn't tax lottery winnings on the the state. if you bought it in new york it would be an additional 14% coming out. >> tucker: not if you ught it from the mafia. the mafia last run own numbers. mafia says you will win this amount in the jackpot, guess what you will win that amount with the jackpot. contrast with that with the federal government which lies to you. 0 million jackpot you get 282 million. how does that work? why is the mafia more honest about its lotto than t government? >> alisyn: if you bought the ticket at the publix you should probably wait untur show is over 10:01 and go down and collect the money. one winning ticket. highest power ball jackpot in history was won last night. >> tucker: i'm not sure they have the cash on hand at pub lix.
5:05 am
>> tucker: something for nothing. >> alisyn: a dream come true. not applied to your every day life. a dream come true. >> tucker: only person of america who thinks this. i think it's completely epy the government is trying to convince people that's how you get rich by buying a lottery ticket. >> clayton: all this money goes to help certain organizations. antismoking campaigns,. >> tucker: it's 15 bucks a pack. how muc your cigarette? i was interested. i was with my wife. 15 bucks. where does that money go to the government in the lotto enriches the government. >> alisyn: of course the lottry enriches the government. we are still happy for you if you won. >> tucker: i'm going to get so much hate mr suggesting skepticism. >> clayton: the tea party this morning. tea party groups that have been targeted by the irs tax exempt status and failure to get their exempt status even though
5:06 am
they filed all the paperwork are willing to fight and lose everything. many of them have fines levied against them up to $70,000 and more. they are going to go after the irs th don't want this to happen to anyone else. this is the right thing to do. >> alisyn: american center for law and just is planning to file on wednesday or thursday on behalf of all of these tea party groups that say they went through such ridiculousrutiny above and beyond anything that the irs has asked usually people seeking tax exempt tus, they had to give their emails. they had to give their donors' list. they had to show all of the literature that they hand out to people. it took so ma years for them to do it, that many of them just dropped their idea to have some sort of tax exempt charita organization. >> tucke in the middle of a presidential campaign, in other words, the irs neutralized a lot of opposition to president obama's re-election. afteon the more details you get. the more granular you get in thchedule the satire
5:07 am
and more poignant the becky garrettson not aewed politician she is a stay at home mom. she wanted to speak her peace and prevented from doing so by the irs. listen. it was offensive to me. when someo asks forery speech that has ever been given, i feltery offended. and especially because i love this country. all i'm trying to do is educate people. that's what our organization does. we speak about the constitution and it's not like we are doing anything subversive or, you know, we e angry peo i just am flabbergasted. >> you can also go to they outline the story of jay deuvereux he too lost money trying to set up this -- an organization he says grass roots organization to try to educate people about their rights and the irs gave them such a hard time, such a run around that he end up possibly having to owe them $70,000 in back taxes which would make them go broke.
5:08 am
all sorf personal sts of people being targeted. >> tucker: sad and growing. there is going to be a lot more by the time this is over. >> alisyn: get to your headlines and tell you what else is happening. authorities looking in whether an elderly plowed hisar into a crowd in virginia suffered some sort of medical emergency before that accident. no one died but up to 60 peopncluding the driver were hurt. >>e gout the vehicl went through the parade hit many hikers. wild vehicle >> multiple [inaudible] through 33 traffic in virginia. pedestrian pinned under car. >> it was unr lnothing could be as scary asat. >> i was scared andrted running. i was freaked out. it was misery. >> alisyn: police say the man was participatin the annual celebration of the appalachian trail. the crash is currently under investiga charges have not been ruled out. two more ricin letters fod. this time i spokane washington. investigators the
5:09 am
lethal letters were postmarked tuesday at the city's downtown st office. which sits right next to a federuilding. it's not yet known if government oicials were being targeted meanwhile the fbi has been searching nearby homes as :dúwyfíç0o' +ç man was allegedly -- was arrested f allegedly mailing ricin letters to other fderal officials. >> well a broken piece of rail now being looked at in connection with with that connecticut commuter train crash. officia say it's not r if the break was there bef or if it happened because of the accident. that section ofe rail had undergone repairs in the last month. 72 people were hospitalized when a train derailed friday evening. and it was hit by a passing train between bridgeport and fairfield be getting cut. foul play has been ruled out by the fbi. rail service is still cancelled today. no word on when it will return. there won't be a triple crown winner this year.
5:10 am
>> gary stephens wins the eakness. >> oxbow ruined orb's winning streak. start to finish despite odds 15 to 1 orb thekentucky derby winner 3 to 5 winner in the race but finish fourth. extends the triple crown drought to 36 years. those are your evidence lines. >> clayton: thanks, aly. we have been telling you about scandal trifecta hitting the white house what does his team need to do to turn things around. hris wallace will join us after treak. >> it is that time of year again. prom season has begun so have the embarrassing promposals? are these teenagers taking it too farr wildly creative? some of the best or the worst coming up next. ♪
5:11 am
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5:13 am
5:14 am
turbulent wfor the obama administrn to put it mildly after being rocked by a trio of sandals between the doj seizing phone records the irs targeting president's polal opponents. rethroughs in the benghazi. >> alisyn: how will the white house handle the wk going forward here with us
5:15 am
is chris wallace. >> goodrning, chris. i will tell one one way the white house is trying to handle it. they are putting dan pfeiffer the president's senior advisor. think of damaged now it's dan pfeiffer on all the sunday talk shows. we adjusted our pretaped interview whim. watch at the top of the hour, it gets pretty explosive about the irsand especially about benghazi. it's really quite compelling and a lot of the questions that you have all had for the white house and dan pfeiffer, we asked. and you will be interested to hear what the answe are. >> that's a good tease. >> clayton: how high up does this go? how aware was the administration the white house specifically about the targeting that was ng on? was that question answered? were they forthcoming with their answers? >> that certy is one of the questions i asked. >> alisyn: come on, give us a nibble. >> clayton: a chicken nugget. >> chris: i will answer that one. he says what -- it's interesting bee what i focus on is the fact that
5:16 am
when it was -- the question was asked at the news conference on friday in the joint press conference with the turkish prime minister he was answered a very broad question did anybody at the white house know about irs activities before you were informed of this inspector general's report three weeks ago? and the president gave a very narrow answer just about the? er general's report not whether new anything about it dan pfeiffer says they knew nothinout it before the heard about the inspector general's report. but, and this was one of e questions that i asked him and, you know, he gives the answer again, it came out on friday that the inspector general had notified one of the top people at treasury a year ago that he was going to conduct this investigation. this was right in the middle of the presidential campaign, very explosive investigation whether or not the irs was targeng conservatives. dan pfeiffer says nobody at the white house was told about it. you can -- i expressed some skepticism about that. and you can hear his answer in theop of theur.
5:17 am
>> tucker: chris, the initial reonse from the white house was one of regret. of the president said he was angry and indeed outraged by the irs scandal. had that posture changed at all? >> chris: no, no, no. they say they are angry and outraged and want to get to the bottom of it. ths clearly one of the ways. you asked originally how are they trying to get ahead of this. a few things. on the specific and it depends on the scandal. in the case of benghazi, they are going-to-a tack as it a republican partisan witch-hunt. pfeiffer and i really get into it on that. you will want to see that discussion. on the irs they say this was wrong. it was an outrage. they put a new man in char at the irs. they are going to have investigation to find out exactly what w on, who did what. and they say they are basically going to clean house at the irs. as for the a.p., they are kind of -- and the subpoenaing of the records they sayhat's justice depatment. we can't get involved on that. >> alisyn: chris, have you covered many different administrations. >> chris: yes, i have been
5:18 am
here aening lo time i'm old, alli, i know it. >> alisyn: i was trying to glossr that how do you rate this past week for them? any comparison to watergate at this point is certainly not appropriate. we are nowhere near that. and ink people in the republican party who start to make watergate comparisons are only hurting themselves because it makes it seem overly political. the key to this is to find out what happened. i mean, we don't know whether or not there is evidence, you know, did it jump from the irs to the treasury? did it jump from the treasury to the w house? we don't know that as in stages of earlier sls we didn't know where it was going to lead you have to follow it and find the facts and slowly do the kind of tough investive work both the congress and the media to find out where this leads and then we will see how it is certainly bad at this point. but how far, how bad it is, how damaging to this president, we're nowhere near an answer to that.
5:19 am
>> clayton: you mentioned dan pfeiffer on your show. who else is on "fox news sunday,". >> chris: chris we will be talking after pfeiffer to paul ryan. he was mitt romney's running mate in the 2012 election. one of the things i'm going ask him is does he think e failure to pursue the irs firing, does he think the emails and the talking points on benghazi were an effort by this whi house to sway, some would say to mislead the country and win the 2012 election. will talk to paul ryan about that at the top of the hour. >> alisyn: sounds like a good show, chris. we will be watching "fox news sunday." thanks so much. >> chris: you bet. >> claytthanks, chris. >> alisyn: who holds the winning a 90-million-dollar power ball ticket? we're live outside the store where it was sold. >> tucker: then this summer these dogs will be breaking the law. many states making laws requirg you to, quote: secure your pet. we're going to tell you the best ways to keep your dog
5:20 am
safe when we come bak. [ man ] on december 17, 1903, the wrightrothers became the first in flight. [ goodall ] i think the most amazing thing is how like us these chimpanzees are. [ laughing ] [ woman ] can you hear me? and you hear your voice? oh, it's exciting!
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5:23 am
>> tucker: welcome back. fox news alert for you. someone waking up with hundreds of millions of reasons to smile. one winning ticket was sold in floridor last night's power ball jacket jackpot worth $590 million. aaron messimer is live outside the store where that ticket was sold. has anyone come forward yet mobbed by distant relatives they didn't know they had? >> not yet.
5:24 am
takes a few days. obviously fi come forward. family and friends. power ball officials will evtually make the announcement. that doesn't mean thhe excitement isn't building ght here. this is where that winning lottery ticket wasold at the publix grocerytore behind me. there is a chance that the person who won doesn't even know they are holding the winning ticket just yet. those numbers are drawn around 11:00 tonight. that rson might be waking up wonng what those numbers are and finding out as i just said they have millions of reasons to happy. one person here in zephyr hills won that 592.5-million-dollar jackpot. 376-million-ar range going into the drawing. lottery officials said there was about 80% chance someone would win just because of just how many tickets wereold. people traveling all across the country from states that don't have power ball to once that do like florida just for the chance to take home that kind of money. there are also several-million-dollar
5:25 am
winners right here in florida. one actually also just in this area as well. so obviously a lot of other people reasons to be happy. but none more so than the person who won that 570.5-million-dollar jackpot. >> clayton: someone may not know yeg the ticket out look over ticket with cheerios and maybhave a thankfor joining us live: from zephyr hills. >> clayton: if you have a dog, you know there is nothing they like more sticking heads and ton out the window of ur car. highest level of dog enjoyment. yet, in many states, it is now againhe law. so if you have to take your dog along for theide, how can you do it safely? >> alisyn: here is some safe and hassle free tips for hitting the road with your furry friend. amy, market director at pet value. great to seeyou. >> thank you for having me. good morning. >> alisyn: good morning. not just as easy as sticking your dog in the car and going.
5:26 am
you have some gadgets you need to do. >> it's not. you are exactly right. we have a lot of very important safety tips for you today and at of erent products that can make this travel. >> tucker: we have oliver. >> we haveiv here. we have maggie here and our special guest which we will bring out in a second is . . >> alisyn: i'm not sure what that means. car seats for kids but car seats for dogs as well? exactly. we have maggie who just about 10 pounds. for a smaller dog here we do have a car seat. a booster seat for her. it's absolutely perfectly safe for the front or backseat. if you run into a situation god rbid with an air bag she will be safe. this keeps her contained. number one rule for any sort of pet travel is to make sure that your dog has a harness and harnessed. >> alisyn: i know you want to pet the dog. >> tucker: oliver is too big for a car seat and too dignified. how you havecured oliver? harness.r is wearing a
5:27 am
crash tested. this one is by kergo a lot of our products are. they make a lot of great safety products. this harness, is heing a great job here. buckled. in and then also, attached to the car t. so he is not able to god forbid there is an accident, he is g to stay put. is he not going to be thrown from the car. >> alisyn: do these work for airplanes as well? >> the tsa has v strict guidelines as to what you can or cannot do on a plane. so, we really recommend you know that you check your airline safety tips first but for the most part they are required to be in a carrier. >> alisyn: they are. >> sm dog or. >> tucker: oliver is not going to be on a plane even if you bought a seat for him. alisyn: good. let's talk about about some of the gadgets that you have for dogs or pets that might be nervous travelers. >> absolutely. this produ is really wonderful. this is called a wonder hammock. it goes front and backseat.
5:28 am
wonderful. seat cover. keeps any of your leased car being damaged. >> alisyn: good. >> keeps from shedding. >> and it comes in different patterns. this is a water bottle it's important to remember hydration collaable. >> alisyn: important. these are little sort of puppy mellow outers? >> absolutely. cat and dog versions as well. you know, it's important every dog and cat, ey are a little different. they don't love to travel. so there are lotsf different varieties recommend testingout first. >> herbal sements. >> all natural. >> what is this? that's th cat toy. >> how do you use it. >> because i can tell you the way he has been using it isn't appropriate. >> tucker: i have been hassling aly with it will. >> cats love t bat things in the air. this is something playful. these are things whyou are traveling with your pet you want to make sure they are comfortable. comforts of home.
5:29 am
>> i'm ing to separate you guys. >> is time to see our surprise guest. >> bring ms. mao out. you can't see from this. > here we go. she is in here. and she is in a carrier. which, you know, again, check with tsa to make sure that you are hi mismao that was worth the wait. >> airplane travel. amy, thank you. ms. mao thank you. all right. coming up. she is going to take a leap. >> a leap, good. >> tucker: a great leap forward, int. a. >> a safe leap. >> alisyn: harsh reality recent college grads about with company while he says need not apply.
5:30 am
>> tucker: when did asking someone to the prom over the top? we will show you some of the best and worst promposals coming up. [ engine sputters ] [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road. whether you're an allstate customer or not. all you have to do is call. [ female announcer ] call and sign up for good hands roadside assistance today. [ dennis ] are you in good hands?
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>> clayton: back this ning with extreme bleark. heard those winds from storm in kansas at leastour twisters spotted kansas. roofs of one home ripped off outside the city of rozel surprisingly no one was hurt. >> alisyn: storms aone rick joins us where he they are headed. >> three more days, actually. two more bad days. today i think likely to be even worse than yesterday. tomorrow, another bad day. it's all just moving a little bit farther o towards the east. take a look at the weather maps. you can take a look at the orm and you see inially we saw these storms begin to fire acro west parts of kansas. thnitial whe these storms begin to fire and initial discretels. that's generally where we seehem producing tornadoes. entually they consolidate into airect line and then we see more direct wind
5:35 am
mage from. this one we have anot daat we're going to be seein a lot of this sever wther this afternoon. tornadoes likely starting to fire around 3:00, around the oklahoma city area. it's that i-35 corridor throughout the afternoon. 'pulls off tow the east. by around 7:00 tonight it ts in toward the ksas city area with some o those storms. wre going to be talking about a pretty big bold ride where you see this red onthe map coming up in a second. at's where we he got the moderate risk for vere weather. it's from the south of oklahoma city up justto the north of kansas city. see it movedittle bitre you rther off to the east. send it ba to you inside. >> clayton: it's prom season. we all remember how terrible our prom proposals we our embarrassing prom proposals. now they are being taken to whole another level thanks to internet and posting stuff up on youtube. think it's maybe not just ut the prom proposal
5:36 am
anymore. it's probably about trying to make i go viral. here is just a few examples on yourreen right now. >> alisyn: if you don't have flash mob. it ain't a prom proposal nows. do you knoat i'm saying? you have got to get the whole school dancing in right on your screen.d those are actual prom prals. >> tucker: i have a well-documented record of opng all change for its sake. but i have to say this is pretty cool. this is kind of creative and interesting. it's certainly more impressihan will you me with me to the prom? and getting 19 of your friends to break dae in the background i think it's kind of musing. clay clarify you would have been beating up for tha breaking out son a dance for proposal mcked. >> alisyn: even more than you were. >> clayton: morhan i was rmally. been rejected the se have time prom posal with the rose you carried. >> clayton: took it to my neir's house with the the rose and she rejected
5:37 am
me. > tucker: do you think t fact can you do this now without geing beaten up is progress or a sign of creepy weakness in our society? >>ayton: i think it's progress. because we see like this country. cigns in >> tur: arf. >> alisyn: or is t glee gone wrong? >> tucker: now you re making me against it. >> clayt: i knew i could sway you. >> tucker: you pushed my buon. stairs.yn: running up the wait for think it'sr it. ng to have a bi payoff. i'm not sure. >> is any a classroom? here we go. he had flowers. this is a youn clayton. [ laughter ] >> the door is locked. you go rom with me? >> and she says yes. >> look at that glasses ike that can g a date like that if he makes the effort. this is horatio story. >> alisyn: teacher mad
5:38 am
are doing all of this in the middle of algebra? >> clayton: proud this kid knows how to use i mie >> clayton: find us o twitter ff ekend. >> alisyn: here arhe rest ofthe headlines now. we know who fired that fatal shot that killed a horrifying home invasion. 21-year-old angela robel low was shot in the head a police officwho w trying to fire at the suspect. police say that dalton smith had robelo head lock. e policem fired 8 times. hitting smith sevenimes and robel once. smith had been wanted since april for pa violation and had 15-yeaong rap sheet. police invesating the disappearancemadeleine si cleaners.n hunt for the per of interest were working near the portugal back in07 when
5:39 am
littear-old maddy mccann said tove vanished. wept f apartment to apartment offering th services to vacners. d o plans to cash in if he is released fromrison arew public he is reporte aly eaking tur to earnding money. simpson is waiting to if a judge will overturn his 2008 hotel h conviction. that decision could come as early as tomorrow. t former football star is serving a 33 year sentence. let's go over to the guys. >> thank y aly. move over cuake, ally. it's time for the crow nut craze. i have t a doughnut hybrid is causing a frenzy in new york and world. >> tucker: these things are in serious demand. the chef owner of dominic kery. dominic, we don't have a lotof time for the segment. and about to be extremely
5:40 am
rich. first gratns. >> thank yo much. >> tucker: tel howou became upon the cran't a crois samplet nt doughnut. i wanted to d something ch and something american. something that people like could recognize. >>ker: you are a living advertisement for immigrn. >> wow. >> there is a way i like to it. >>syn: might not be eating it right. >>you can all the layers. like lered li a croix isn't a. >> do you actua eat them periphery. around in a
5:41 am
rick reichmuth. why didn't you eate.utes. >> i tught was just we bring something new.em. >> that's w the wright brothersught. look what happened. people linked this online went viral. 140,0links within a short amount of time. people wept crazy for. this are you g to be able sell it online. >> not right now. we have people waiting an hour and a half. >> this is america, baby. you comb two pastries you will have people out >> welcome to our country, please stay. >> this is ridiculou >> amazing. mibe the greate doughnut i have ever tasted. >> cronut. >> clayton: rated the highest ry in new york. 2013 ratin and it's in who ho sring street. >> an: is the s
5:42 am
still happening right now? >> tucker: yes it is. -- major scan gels scandals striking the house. things will probably get much worse before they get better. >> clayton: online dating site findxt job. eharmony thinks this is a solution to the dreaded interview process. i didn't want to read that i just want to keep reading. why are twice as many people choosing verizon
5:43 am
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5:47 am
irsgents but we have people from os auditsepartof bo the counrterrori task force which is the department of justice. thisner agency task rce that was designed t go ter people on the way. it sure lookse way and and who s responsible for this who was managing this and did the president know about this and why didn't he. >> tucker: if you have multiple
5:48 am
agencies, you know a lot about government, multiple agencies working towards the same goal to sigh liens political opponents, clearly you have someone high in authority coordinating this. >> either that or it's an amazing coincidence. a coincidence that played out in the same way and again and again. >> so the detriment of the people that have a different point of view to the president of united states and not to detriment of his allies. in the case of helping his friends, they didn't wait for 22 months. they got it retro actively back to april 2008. >> tucker: lerner signed herself off the application. this strikes me as the time frame as a campaign story. people should remember and not forget this took place in the middle of a presidential campaign, a closely fought one. >> a closely fought campaign. it had the effect of not inconveniencing people but less
5:49 am
capable of educating the american public and making their point of view, limited government point of view as part of the discussion in the campaign of 2012. everybody has the ability to participate and this conspiracy is what i would call it is silence these people to participate. >> tucker: so you can take your opponents's horses off the table. thank you very much. >> tucker: the harsh reality, one group giving college graduates of working with his company. he says don't even bother applying. and soldier surprise have never seen before. this woman welcomed them home from combat 150 pounds later. ♪ it was the best day whoo! yes!
5:50 am
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5:53 am
♪ ♪ welcome back. the ceo of emerging tech company sending a stern message. in an opinion piece. the president writes this. enjoy the pomp and circumstance but congratulations and the parties but when it is all over and when you are ready to go out into the world, you probably would like to meet me. i run a cool, rapidly growing company where the work is interesting and rewarding. i have to be honest, i probably not going to hire you. that man, kirk mcdonald wrote the piece. kirk, nice to see you this morning. why would you likely hire the recent college graduates. >> the realities we live in the
5:54 am
most competitive job market ever. one of the things we have to do is we have to find a ways to have ourselves stand out. it's an opportunity for college graduates as technology has been transforming business they can add to their degree by making sure they lean into an understanding of technology. i call it code empathy. they can differentiate themselves. >> clayton: so when we are focusing on handwriting classes or other classes in your high school. why not replace it with coding classes, teaching kids how to learn how to design a code language from a very young age, would had a help? >> this is what we are calling out. unfortunately we have not invested enough in science, math and jarring courses. at the high school and college level. this is that opportunity.
5:55 am
they call out the fact even though it they are not for profit organizations and one i'm on the board of group called camp interago ti. we take high school students and teach them java script and coding. then they can internship programs that can actually mean something, a material to their outcomes. >> clayton: when you look at individuals that have this experience, it's beyond college, what sort of salary are we talking about? these are most sought after jobs. servicing run by computers. i'm holding an ipad. everything is computer driven these days. >> that is exact point. you continue to be supported biotechnology. all of us understand how technology hits or personal lives but the companies and engagement with audiences, if you want to be different, if you
5:56 am
want an opportunity to be a part of those companies, this is your opportunity to lean in and actually pick up some of this learning on your own. my company works with many companies that are transforming the advertising experience by personalizing it. just understanding that and how apis and fbks matter make you more attractive. >> clayton: great stuff. if you want to release his piece in the "wall street journal." coming up on the show, more on the fox news alert. one and only winning ticket for the powerball jackpot. online dating site to find your next job. they think it's the solution to the interview process. gs, todd. i did? when visa signature asked everybody what upgraded experiences really mattered... you suggested luxury car service
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6:00 am
today is sunday may 19, i'm alisyn camerota and person in the sunshine state is waking up a multimillionaire. we are live outside the store where the winning ticket was sold. >> tucker: you thought the irs was only tracking down political enemies? it got personal, very permanent. a stay-at-home mom dragged in the scandal. >> clayton: and ladies, having a tough day in the office. why don't you cry about it? the coo of a company says it's okay for women to get emotional at work. we'll debate it coming up. "fox and friends," hour four starts right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> we begin this hour, extreme weather alert.
6:01 am
on display in kansas. it was like on the surface of the sun but it's kansas. four tornadoes tore through multiple counties. storm chasers spotted this one outside the city of rosemle luckily other people were not injured in that area. >> alisyn: rick riechmuth has the latest on the severe storms. >> that western kansas area is the area that has been under so much drought. what you are seeing is a lot of the dirt from the ground being pulled up in and around those tornadoes. that is why you are seeing the brown tone. that rain is not falling as much but falling across much of eastern kansas this morning. that is what is left of the dry line and the storms developed yesterday. behind it, look at the satellite picture, we'll start to see clearing. where you see the clearing we'll see the day heat up again and brand-new line of storms that fire up. this is changed from the prediction center.
6:02 am
they have updated the worst of it could be. it's moved slightly off to the east. i-35 line where we think things will be set up. it will be right there and just to the east of it. west of it, better, but moderate risk includes joplin and areas of missouri. joplin hit with that massive tornado that cut through town. don't like to see that. they have today and tomorrow under moderate risk. two-day event there and same thing with oklahoma city and tulsa. east of kansas city going towards tuesday and war dealing with it. less than a tornado threat on tuesday and probably very heavy rain threat. northern side of this there will be a little bit of severe weather, three to five inches of rain and northern parts of minnesota and north dakota where we saw the flooding along the red river valley, more rain and flooding as we get through the latter part of this week.
6:03 am
>> alisyn: let's talk about the storm in washington. various scandals. at the top was the irs, whether or not they targeted -- why they targeted, who gave them the message to target conservative groups and tea party groups. now, there is some speculation it's not been proven that it went to the top. >> tucker: kim strassel has the article to make the point even though there is not a smoking gun that directs them right to the oval office, she says this all obama needs to do is what he did in full view. >> publicly suggest to conservative groups were engaging in at the tear just deeds publicly called out by name they would like to see harassed and pressure irs to take action. members of the senate did in fact wrote a letter please target the tea party, democratic
6:04 am
members. so the president is inspiration for this. >> clayton: therefore peter says as the ceo for executive branch for all intenth he is the one where people take their cues from. as a ceo he would be fired with the resulting job he was been doing. listen to peter morrisey this morning. >> we are supposed to have control system in place so crises can be cut off. he is supposed to meet with people, what approximate he is going on. he has senior management meeting and they explain where their problem areas are. for example, own general counsel didn't tell him about the irs scandle. come on! or the emergency security situation in the benghazi never got to the level of secretary of state. they take their cues from him
6:05 am
zblooyd he is the head of ford. they didn't take bailout money and did pretty well during the big economic down turn. as ceo those are your responsibilities. it's not a matter of letting to give managers free rein, i don't want to hear about it. >> alisyn: and we heard from sara ingraham the person in charge of the tax exempt status division while this was happening. she left that division and she went to the division that will be overseeing the implementation of obamacare and which companies are complying and which companies are non-complying and that doesn't sit too well with too many republicans. >> she was promoted, can you imagine? >> and how obamacare will be implemented and whether or not it will be targeting certain companies. >> you are just paranoid.
6:06 am
>> you want the black helicopters. here is congressman mike kelly earlier today. >> my goodness, ago says to private information? we've seen enough of this. this is movie played way too long. it's time to demand that the american people have the right to do, this is government for the people to demand that you get the kind of government that the founders promised. it's up to us as individual citizens to demand it to the people that we sent to represent us that they do the right job. you don't promote people for doing a bad job. you don't promote people for being income tend. >> clayton: let's not forget the human face for all of this. individuals trying to start groups that felt they want their voices heard where the
6:07 am
government was going wrong. trying to start a business, she is a stay-at-home mother. she had a battle against the irs where she essentially gave up. she was on "fox and friends" yesterday. listen to her struggle. >> to me when someone asks for every peach speech that hats ever been begin, i felt offended because i love this country. all i'm trying to do is educate this people. that is what this organization does. we speak about the constitution. it's not like we are doing anything subversive. i'm flabbergasted. >> tucker: and president has asked us all to do to participate in this democracy and the 2nd she tried to do just that, in the middle of the presidential campaign she was shut down by people working for president obama. handy trick, if you can get your opponents disorganized and take them off the table you have a
6:08 am
better chance to reelected. >> alisyn: get to headlines. fox news alert. there was one winning ticket. it was sold at a supermarket in florida for last night's powerball drawing worth $590 million. winning numbers were, 10, 13, 14 22, 52 with a powerball number of 11. you might have one some of the small ones. if the winner takes the lump sum they walk away with $377 million the ticket was sold in florida there is no state tax on these winnings. >> authorities are looking into lermd man that drove his car into a parade suffered a medical emergency before the crash. up to 60 people including the driver were hurt.
6:09 am
>> we got a vehicle that went through the parade, hit many hikers. a wild vehicle! >> it was unreal. like nothing to be as scary as that. i is was scared and started running. >> alisyn: police say the man was participating in the annual celebration of the appalachian trail. charges have not been ruled out. >> and army wife had a few surprises in store for her husband when he returned from afghanistan. first of all she lost 150 pounds since he has been deployed. and check out the amazing before and after photos. he can't believe his wife. >> wow! i was happy with the day she looks on day one. >> and she bought this new home
6:10 am
for the couple new daughter. >> that is nice welcome home. listen to this, new book out that is causing, making a few headlines and it's been quite the topic of discussion perhaps women in the work force. sheryl sandberg who is the facebook coo in an interview she gave to a newspaper, i think it's okay for people to be emotional in the office place when specifically asked. as a woman we are all emotional beings and it's okay to show that at work. i'm not recommending that if anybody being promoted we think about good colleagues and we ask people how do you feel. not just because you think based on how we feel. >> alisyn: i don't know. >> you don't agree?
6:11 am
zbloolts i think crying in the office, is uncomfortable. i used to cry a lot in my 20s. >> but you are a laffer more than a cryer. >> i haven't cried on this job. >> i'll make you cry. >> alisyn: sometimes what you say does. but it does make people feel uncomfortable. >> if there is a guy in your office who is weeping, you would fire them. but i have worked with many woman over the years and almost every woman has cried and a lot of women express themselves. i don't judge it. it's a normal mode of expression. >> alisyn: you are very advanced man. >> tucker: i don't think it's weird. >> most of our male producers down there are directors, we don't have a shot down there because he is crying right now. >> alisyn: i am glad you are
6:12 am
pointing this out. or senior producer does sound like is did he responsible dented but it sound like he is. >> they told me the camera is broken because it's been wet from so many tears. [ laughter ] >> alisyn: if i were crying about a work related --. >> clayton: we're human beings at the end of the day. i think we can work through an issue like that. you will be a better employee and better employer as a result of it. >> also why you are not evolved? >> tucker: i'm completely primitive. >> it's just the way they are. in my office, bunch of reporters and some of the toughest reporters are tough. they will not stop unless you answer the question but crying in the office doesn't diminish
6:13 am
them at all. >> alisyn: i like that you guys feel this way. we would like to know how you feel. is it appropriate or awkward for women to cry at the office? >> clayton: coming up here on the show, white house in damage control mode after being hit with a trio of scandals all at once. i bet they are crying. how will congress hold them accountable. that is when we come back. and how much would you tip for good customer service. one waitress blown away by what one customer left behind. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ heard it through the grapevine ♪ ♪ oh be mine .safe drivg bonucheck? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check.
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6:17 am
>>. >> alisyn: the white house trying to contain the damage after being hit with a trio of scandles. how will congress hold the president accountable and what can we expect this week? let's ask south carolina represent active. good morning, congressman? >> good morning. >> alisyn: i'm well. let's start with the irs. the interim xhirg steve miller was unable to tell representatives such as yourself who it was exactly ordered the be on the lookout for edict, about flagging certain tea party
6:18 am
applications for tax exemption. how are you going to find out who did that since he doesn't seem to remember to know the names? >> he was unable or unwilling. when you have a witness who is unable or unwilling you move on to other witnesses. look, jack bower can solve all the world's problems in 24 hours and congress cannot. these hearings take time. they take discipline. we're going to have another hearing on wednesday. what we can't do is bring in the hireups to tell us they don't know who started it and they are not responsible and the white house didn't know about it. we need to subpoena the people in the ohio offices who made this decision. they thought so little of their bosses who were so not fearful of the white house they would engage in this kind of outrageous conduct. we need to put people under subpoena, under oath and ask
6:19 am
them until we find out out who made the decision. >> alisyn: switch to the benghazi issue. we still don't know in that case who gave the order to standdown, to not send in special forces while the attack was underway. how are you going to figure out who that was? >> unfortunately, i don't want to sound like a broken record, there is no mystery how to find out what happened. i was a prosecutor for 16 years. these things take time. you have to have eyewitness firsthand accounts. that is what we have not had. we have been listening to the hireups and listening to members of congress and -- higher-ups and people like mullen. we need every survivor, everyone in the chain of command. look what happened last week. we get hundred emails out of 25,000. white house gives a hundred and says, benghazi is over. y'all move on.
6:20 am
congress has to be disciplined. your viewers have to require congress to be disciplined. too often we have one or two hearings. we all flail our arms. we make a passionate, sometimes good, sometimes not speeches then we move on to another scandal. if you want to found out what happened in benghazi it's going to take time. it's going to i can take subpoenas and putting people under oath. it's going to require asking disciplined questions until you get the answer at each stage. >> alisyn: we shall see what happens this week with all these developments. congressman, thanks for joining us this morning. talk about a birthday bummer a school district in new hampshire cutting group parties that can be held to one a month citing nutrition concerns. are they going too far? hundreds of couples, now they want to match unemployed people with perfect careers.
6:21 am
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6:24 am
>>. >> alisyn: 24 minutes past the hour. time for quick headlines, illinois has tougher penalties for people that organize violent flash mobs. the governor signed a new law doubling the maximum prison sentence. >> e-harmony has a career service that matches employees with employers using personal
6:25 am
and emotional qualities. service should be available in the second half of the next year >> tucker: talking about a birthday bummer, they are targeting snacks and treats and limiting classroom parties including birthday parties to once a month. the changes are being made to promote healthy eating. is this good policy or food police out of control? joining us is texas school board member, debra, nice to see you this morning. >>. >> nice to be on, thank you. is this the food police going too far or we concerned about our children's waistlines? >> i agree with you. i think that the policy is a little too extreme. the bureaucracy is getting in the way of common sense. you need common sense to prevail
6:26 am
is a. >> tucker: i don't think anybody is for fat chin. isn't this really a parents' role to decide what a child eat or doesn't eat. don't kids like birthday parties a lot? >> yes, they do. they come in beaming. i agree. i think children bringing in a cup cake for their birthday, parents do it because it's the children's special day and acknowledging that special day when they are away from the child especially when the child is in school. so bringing in a cup cake, one cupcake i don't see that is going to cause obesity. i don't think it constitutes a party. however, i am all for healthy lunches in the schools, but limit ago party to once a month, i just think that opens up an array of problems. how is it going to be done. without flagging somebody. >> tucker: who the lucky kid that gets his celebrated.
6:27 am
the other site of the argument, one hand you are doing this once a month to try to help kids out. you walk down the hallway and you go into the school lunch cafeteria and serving french-fries in the cafeteria. is it hypocritical? >> the school lunches does a great job of providing healthy lunches. they have to meet state and government requirements. something in the classroom, something special, bring in treat, that is one item. the child ought to the have it but its special treat. one party a month. >> it's not much. tell me this. if you had a child's birthday in class and cupcakes, instead of kale and cauliflower. would it change the nature of the party? >> that is not going to go over so big. >> kale chips, delicious!
6:28 am
>> thanks for bringing that story to our attention. good luck. who needs a higher education the mayor's advice to students, when you grow up become a plumer. >> remember the waitress got a million dollar tip. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! >> we'll tell you about it when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. ♪
6:29 am
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we're back with extreme weather alert. amazing picks of tornadoes in kansas, four twisters were spotted. you can hear them right now, that ripping sound. roofs and walls of one home were torn off. luckily nobody was hurt. that will cancel your picnic. rick riechmuth is ahead of the storms. >> not a heavily populated area. >> i got a couple comments on facebook and twitter, saying it doesn't matter because it's rural areas.
6:33 am
i don't mean that. when a tornado hits a densely populated area, there is so much damage as we saw to the southwest of dallas earlier this week. these storms in the rural areas of farmland out there, these storms hit and go through the crops and early this season, it's been so dry, you see all of that -- throw that video up one more time. you can see that hu evidence and dirt in the air is lot of dust across the crops because they are dealing with bad drought. a spectacular sight to see. storm chasers out there yesterday in full force. kind of first big tornado outbreak of the season. we're going to see more of those. go back to the weather map. this is what we have left of that moisture. very heavy rain falling up across areas of minnesota and north dakota, three to five inches of rain causing some flooding concerns. take a look at this.
6:34 am
future radar, radar a model interpretation of what we think it will look like throughout the day. you see right there, at first of the storms fire. it's mostly to the east of i-35, it's those individual cells that form. that is generally where we see the tornadoes, before 9:00 you see it move more into a single line of storms. that when get the wind damage. a rough 3:00 to 1:00 in the morning we're dealing with. a couple of changes from the storm prediction center have places like salina moderate risk. they have nudged it farther to the east. joplin is it. joplin you are in it tomorrow. same thing for oklahoma city and tuesday the last day of the severe weather outbreak and some of the storms are down to big bend of texas. >> clayton: let's turn our attention to mayor michael bloomberg n
6:35 am
every week a new comment from the mayor causes a bit of controversy. this morning, something he said is raising a few eyebrows in the way we should encourage our high school students whether or not they should go off to college or not. >> alisyn: he is saying it's not for everybody. maybe college shouldn't be the goal for every kid. for a couple of decades that is dictates, you are supposed to get good grades and go to college but what about doing something for kids that are not necessarily great students or don't have the money to go to college or aren't interested. to learn a trade, we need plumbers, electricians and construction workers. >> tucker: it's hard foe me to say this, i don't think i have ever seen before, but i agree with mayor michael bloomberg. here is his advice to young people. listen to this. >> people who are going to have the biggest problem are college graduates who aren't rocket
6:36 am
scientists, if you will. not at the top of the class. compare to plumber going to harvard college. being a plumber for the average person would be a better deal because you don't spend four years spending $50,000 on tuition. >> we shouldn't feel sorry for those folks that go into a trade. they are not saddled with that massive debt. >> so how many have advanced degrees in poetry. that is lot of debt. i was in d.c. where nobody has a job, everybody has a talking job. if you are a lobbyist or plumber to represent as lobbyist or to fix the leak in my basement. >> alisyn: by the way, there is more than just this. you make a lot of money. an electrician, a plumber, i call these guys. we need them. they are recession proof. by the way, there was a study
6:37 am
shows that these are also growth industries. over the next decade there will be 26% more demand. these are things we should be encouraging. >> pluimg is here to stay. except your cabin with out houses. even an entry level plumbing job media than is $48,000. electricians can go upwards of hundred thousand a year. no college debt as a result of it. we had kirk mcdonald earlier this morning, he is president of pubmatic doing very well. a he says students need to differentiate themselves. not just go by normal structures >> we live in the most competitive job market ever. one of the things we have to do, we have to find a way to have ourselves stand out.
6:38 am
this is an opportunity for college graduates to realize, if they can actually add to their degree by making sure they lean into and understand technology, it's code empathy, how technology transforms business they can differentiates themselves. >> like code, small fee. more coding to learn, new computer language. >> tucker: i say this as someone who doesn't have any skills. i can't write code. >> i can't put up drywall. >> alisyn: a lot to tell you. london is urging portuguese police officers into the disappearance of matalin mccann. they have identified six persons
6:39 am
of interest. clean there's were working near the place where the three-year-old vanished. investigators do not know if madeline is alive or dead. >> we found out who fired the shot that killed a student during a home invasion. she was accidentally shot in the head by a police officer who was firing at the suspect. police say dalton smith had him in head lock and pointed his gun at police officer. he has been wanted on parole violation and nearly 15 year long rap sheet. >> its like a scene out of movie where they share half the lottery winnings with the waitress. >> oh, my god! >> alisyn: well, it wasn't millions, like it could happen to you, but she earned the tip
6:40 am
lifetime, somebody left her $446 tip. the bill was only six dollars. it happened at indianapolis restaurant. bruce is going to school part time say the tips could not have coming at better time. 446 is not a bad tip. >> the sad part, she still has to claim it on her taxes. >> everybody in the food industry claims every tip. >> we know the irs targeted conservatives and half a dozen religious groups say they have been unfairly scrutinized and how dangerous are the revelations. >> somebody is waking up almost $400 million richer today. we'll tell you who won the powerball and what portion the government will take. ♪ ♪ ♪
6:41 am
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6:45 am
conservatives. that may just be the tip of the iceberg. some organizations say they have been trootd treated unfairly, too. >> just how dangerous is it. for a federal agency to target faith based groups, joining us to answer that is father jonathan morris. when you hear about the other side of the story, not just the tea party side of the story but faith based groups being targeted, what do you say, this is treading very dangerous territory? >> we aren't suggesting that the government isn't going after any religious groups because they are religious, but as soon as we lose trust in our government, they are using ideology as a litmus test for who they are going to investigate, then it's normal we would say, okay, i don't trust they are going to respect religion either. i think at the heart of this is a concern that i have, when a
6:46 am
government does not consider religious charitable organizations to be necessary because government can do all, then, of course, they are not going to help religious organizations become the best they can be the or charitable organizations. these people are not very necessary, let's make sure. >> tucker: the obama administration has made it clear that catholic charities, church's views on abortion or directly opposed to those of the obama administration and they have given them a hard time. >> i think it's dssue. at the core is whether or not government can take care of all of our needs or not. the traditional united states of america actually no, that is why we need private organizat involved with charity and religious organizations have
6:47 am
done that historically. if they are using the irs to go after the organizations and weaken them it's not only despicable but it is also bad for america. also here are some of the groups that have been targeted by the irs. billy graham association. catholics united, educat fund. christian voices for life. coalition for life. biblical recorder. >> when we look at the reason why there is a tax exempt status we want to give these people a head start to do something for our coun when we do just theosite, we are going to make you suffer becausu are religious or happens to be in the n administration, maybe because are liberal, that is bad. because we need these organizations to get down and
6:48 am
help people that are most in need. religion, when it is gion properly lived, ms us better people and makes us a stronger country. >> alisyn: father john, great to see you this morn coming up on the show, $590 million, someones richer. the winning power tt was sold in florida time to get all fired up. master of the barbecue ready to share his bestips and recipes. we can smell it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ help the gulf recover, and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i've been with bp for 24 years.
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6:52 am
>>. >> alisyn: welcome back. fox news alert. someone is waking up this morning, hundreds of millions of dollars richer. one winning ticket was sold in florida for last night's powerball jackpot worth more than $590 million. >> live outside the store in zephyr hills florida, what do we know? >> we're just waiting. it's wait and see who comes forward. probably within the next few days and say they $590 million richer. that is the store right there behind me. its publix grocery store. who bought the ticket, we have so many people come to us. one man had five tickets and started going through them. not a winner, not a winner. so you know, he was so excited
6:53 am
because this happened right in his backyard. then, there is one person who won that jackpot, $590.5 million. the lump sum cash payout about $376 million or so. the odds of this lapping, it's one in 175.2 million. but that didn't stop people from all over the country from taking their cans, from states that don't have powerball or traveling to states that do like florida. it's hard to say if this person is from florida because where we're located, in the center of the state. in all likelihood they are from right here zephyr hills, they did beat the odds. >> clayton: if you didn't win we have a constellation prize.
6:54 am
barbecue. nice to see you. >> great barbecue weather in midtown? >> absolutely. >> the book is called all fired up. this is new book. >> new book, 157 recipes to create awesome barbecue in your backyard. >> alisyn: how can you do something different with barbecue? >> i live and eat and sleep barbecue. i'm always at the grill creating new and exciting things. >> alisyn: what are you making? >> we are doing a whiskey maple pork tenderloin. we start out with the marinade, a little tennessee sour mash whiskey. a little maple syrup. a little dijon mustard. i like using these bags because you can get all the air out of
6:55 am
them. we made a positive pork tenderloin and my wife made a great marinade. we kept it in the religion for. >> make sure it covers the meat. last thing i got a little olive oil and some pepper. >> alisyn: put it all in there. >> you get a silver skin off first and most pork, tender honestly have a little bit of silver skin. >> what is that? >> when you get it off, it keeps the marinade from getting in there. get the air out. that is the important thing. >> alisyn: how long do you marinate it? >> i do it overnight. >> what is cooking right now? how long do you cook pork? >> the important thing is the
6:56 am
internal meat temperature, 145 degrees is where we want to take this. one of the biggest mistakes is overcooking the pork, therefore it is dry. >> alisyn: do you use a thermometer or feel? >> a meat thermometer, number one important thing to have at home. >> alisyn: all right. >> we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
you saved the marinade. you are going to use it as sauce. one. one good things all these are
7:00 am
tested. >> alisyn: we haven't tested yet. it doesn't count. >> thanks so much for joining us. "fox and friends". >> alisyn: have a great weekend! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jamie: we have fox news alert. there are alarming new allegations in this growing controversy over irs targets of conservative dproups a as more and more religious organizations are claiming they, too, were subjected to intense scrutiny by the taxman. good morning, i'm jamie colby and it is great to have you. kelly, it's great to have you too. >> kelly: i am kelly wright. welcome to news headquarters. they are set to grill a top irs watchdog as a focus and intensity of the investigation ramps up. now, these new complaints from religious groups are getting quite serious attention.
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